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The most sought-after employee perks your business should be offering in 2021

Employees working together in office

For many years, salary hasn’t been the most important part of a job description; instead, offering the right employee benefits can mean the difference between attracting the right talent that will grow with your business and your vacancies not remaining filled for long. Although last year brought plenty of uncertainty that has sadly continued into 2021, one thing that has changed is the needs and expectations of employees – and as a result, the workplace perks they expect to be offered.

2020 was a difficult and confusing time for most of us, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic causing a sudden shakeup in the way we work and communicate with our family, friends and coworkers. As a result of our usual face-to-face chats in the office largely being replaced with instant messages, emails and video meetings for much of the year, in 2021, a bigger emphasis needs to be placed on offering employee benefits that boost morale and well-being.

According to a recent study from Perkbox, the most sought-after workplace perk in 2021 will be employee discounts (on things such as supermarket shops and meals out), with over 50% of UK workers admitting that this benefit would make the largest difference to their happiness and well-being. Although this is something that may be difficult for every business to offer due to the current climate and logistics involved, there are plenty of other highly sought after perks that you can start working into your employee benefits packages now…

Remote and flexible working

Even before COVID-19 temporarily changed life as we know it, flexible working ranked highly on the list of the most sought-after perks of the job. In fact, 59% of respondents of a 2018 survey from TotalJobs said that this would be the most important benefit to them when looking for a new role. With statistics from the ONS showing that last April, 46.6% of UK workers carried out some of their work at home, it’s likely that your employees did the same – and that they may be continuing to work remotely now that the UK is back in lockdown.

Flexible working is a great morale and productivity booster, improving our work-life balance and allowing us to choose to complete our most pressing tasks when we’re at our most productive and focused. In 2020, many employees proved that they can be equally as productive when working from home as they did from the office, so you should continue to offer increased flexibility around working hours and location – even when social distancing and lockdowns have become a thing of the past.

How to offer this perk: If remote working is something that your organisation is still struggling to adapt to, investing in team collaboration software can help your employees to stay on the same page when working together remotely. Having 24-hour access to your workplace can also enable you to give them greater freedom around when they choose to work when they are in the office.

Greater recognition

We all want to be recognised for doing a good job – it can be a great morale booster, as feeling valued for the effort we put into our work encourages us to work even harder. Perkbox’s survey found that behind employee discounts, ‘greater recognition’ ranked as the second most desired employee benefit with 42% of people admitting that it would make them happier at work. Sadly, this is something that may have fallen to the wayside if your team is currently distributed across different kitchens, spare rooms and home offices.

How to offer this perk: It’s easy to say a quick ‘thank you’ to your teammate for a job well done when they’re sitting right next to you or even show your appreciation by bringing treats into the office for everyone to share. With the amount we interact with our colleagues falling as a result of working from home, managers should be scheduling regular 1-2-1s with the members of their team over a video call. This gives them the opportunity to check how they’re feeling and highlight any work that they’re particularly happy with. Offering early finishes or extra time off is also an easy and effective way to reward employees who are working remotely.

Additional (or unlimited) holidays

Yep, even with most of us having many of our plans cancelled and less events to fill our spare time in 2020, 41% of UK employees said that having unlimited or a greater amount of annual leave would make them happier in their job this year. The Perkbox survey also found that 35% of employees believed that being able to have time off for their mental health (known as ‘mental health days’) would be the most beneficial to their well-being in 2021.

With the effects of the pandemic still being felt (and likely to be felt for many months to come), taking care of your employees’ mental health and well-being is now more important than ever before. It’s easy for the lines between your working hours and your free time to blur into one when you’re working from home without the change of location. For many of us, the commute home 5 evenings a week is usually a great time to switch off from work. Instead, this has been replaced with simply shutting down our laptops and walking into another room in our home.

How to offer this perk: This really is as simple as it sounds – by looking at the current amount of annual leave you offer your employees and determining if you are able to add on a few extra days. If this is already pretty high, you can put a spin on this benefit by giving employees a day off for their birthday or offering them the chance to work overtime in order to accrue additional hours, which they can use to shorten their working days or even have a full day off work. Letting your staff know that they can speak to you about their mental health concerns and take the day off when they’re not feeling their best can also greatly reduce stress and help employees avoid burning out.

Safer environments

Interestingly, yet not surprisingly, access to free COVID-19 tests and vaccinations through their organization also ranked amongst the list of the most sought-after employee benefits. Although this is something that not every workplace can realistically offer, you can help your team to feel safe and assured that you care about their health during this difficult time by going the extra mile to make changes to their working environment and patterns.

Close-up of face mask and hand sanitizer

How to offer this perk: Your business should have already implemented necessary changes to your office to help prevent the spread of the virus, such as implementing a one-way system with appropriate signage, placing hand sanitizers throughout the building, installing screens between seating and ensuring that everyone is able to keep a 2m distance. However, you can do more by staggering your employees’ working hours so less people are in the office at one time and allowing them to work from different locations – both outside and inside of your office (if you have enough space). You should also be asking your employees directly what would make them feel safer.

Offering the right workplace benefits is one of the easiest ways to make your employees happy and encourage them to stay with your company for the long-term.

Tec Marina’s serviced offices near Cardiff, South Wales offer plenty of room for social distancing, as well as unlimited tea and coffee, a free onsite gym and changing rooms, and bright and spacious meeting areas. The building also has 24/7 access to allow for flexible working and we have taken all necessary measures to keep our residents and their visitors feeling safe during the pandemic.

Ready to feel inspired by your workplace? Find out more about our flexible offices and facilities or enquire about our available office space by emailing contact@tecmarina.com or calling 02921 678391.

Why do you need flexible office space?

Woman working on computer in Tec Marina

The future of work is flexible. Although COVID-19 has caused it to become the norm for employees to spend the majority of their time working from home, remote and flexible working was on the rise long before the outbreak hit the world early last year. In fact, according to the Labour Force Survey, the number of employees in the UK who benefit from flexible working arrangements rose from 23% to 27% between 2005 and 2017. As a result, the demand for flexible office space has also grown this year.

Research from Totaljobs in 2018 also found that 59% of employees believe that flexible working is the most important benefit to look for when searching for a new job – and this is something that is likely to have increased this year. However, if you are a small business that wants to offer more flexibility to your staff, you need flexible office space.

What is flexible office space?

Unlike traditional office spaces, renting a flexible office will give you the room to (as the name suggests!) be flexible as your company changes – something that is particularly useful in the current climate. You can easily expand your office as your company grows, which means that you can start off with a smaller office while the majority of your staff are working remotely, and expand your space if your workforce grows or more of your employees return to working in the office more frequently.

With a flexible office, you also benefit from being able to get set up quickly. Flexible offices are typically already furnished and you will have access to facilities such as shared meeting rooms and kitchens. They’re also fully serviced, which means your office will be regularly cleaned for you as part of your contract, and tasks such as greeting your guests and your handling mail will be carried out by an on-site reception team. This means that you can get up and running as soon as you move into the building.

In Tec Marina, the home of our serviced offices in Cardiff, South Wales, we have a friendly team that is always happy to help with anything you need – and they work extremely hard to ensure that the building is regularly cleaned and sanitised to a high standard. All of our residents have access to a range of great facilities, such as rentable meeting rooms, a bright and spacious atrium, well-stocked kitchen areas and a free onsite gym. They are also set up with superfast 1G fibre-optic broadband with access to reliable tech support delivered by our partners.

People having a meeting in Tec Marina

Another benefit to look out for when choosing flexible office space for your business is whether the building has fixed opening hours or can be accessed 24/7 by its residents (like Tec Marina). Not all roles can be done from home, so this can make all the difference for your staff who may work at different times and on particular days, or may want to stagger their hours to avoid using transport at peak times – the choice is yours!

The benefits of flexible working

So, what are the benefits of flexible working and why is it now one of the most sought after employee perks alongside the ability to work from home? The answer is simple; it promotes a better work-life balance. Cut out the rush hour commute and you have far more free time to spend with your family and doing the things you love. Additionally, by being able to choose when you’re on the clock, you can plan your working hours around the other commitments in your life – such as caring for a relative, doing the morning school run, or getting in a quick gym session.

As a business, implementing flexible working practices can increase the quantity and quality of work being produced as employees can choose to work when they’re at their most productive. The standard working hours of 9 to 5 may be what we all know, but it doesn’t necessarily suit every worker. After all, some people wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:00 AM, ready to get started on their to-do list, while others get their best ideas in the afternoon.

However, in a time when there are still concerns about the spread of COVID-19, allowing your staff to work from home a few times a week and be in the office at different times of the day can also help to ensure that everyone in your organisation is complying with vital social distancing guidelines. This is something that every business has a duty to uphold to keep their employees feeling safe and supported during this strange and uncertain time.

Looking for a flexible office in Cardiff? Tec Marina has various sized office spaces to suit teams of all sizes. Our offices are fully serviced, furnished and equipped with super fast broadband as standard – and our residents also benefit from free nearby parking, the use of our onsite gym and as much free tea and coffee as you could ever need!

To find out more about our available office space, please call us on 02921 678391 or email the team at contact@tecmarina.com.

Office space available in Cardiff: Why choose Tec Marina?

Looking for the perfect office in Cardiff to relocate your team? Maybe you’re a start-up looking for its very first office space to call your own? Whatever the case may be, we have some great news… Tec Marina now has a number of serviced offices available to rent which are equipped with all the facilities you need to help you keep your employees happy, healthy and motivated!

Offering bright and spacious breakout areas, fully-equipped offices and exciting facilities such as a free on-site gym for residents, Tec Marina is the perfect home for forward-thinking businesses to reach their goals and become part of a wonderful community. Located in Penarth Marina, just outside of Cardiff, you can get inspired and impress your guests with the stunning scenery, while never being too far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

We are also complying with current COVID-19 guidelines set out by the Welsh government to keep our residents feeling safe. Tec Marina has plenty of room to allow for social distancing and the building is regularly cleaned to a high standard.

Whether you’re a one-man-band or your company is made up of multiple teams, we’re sure to have the ideal office space to suit your needs – and we’re happy to announce that we now have a number of our flexible, fully serviced offices now available to rent!

So, why should you choose Tec Marina for your new office space?

It’s in a great central location

Tec Marina is ideally situated in the beautiful location of Penarth Marina, so you can enjoy the nearby green spaces and the beautiful view of the dock on your lunch break, or whenever you need to get up from your desk and grab some fresh air! You can also take advantage of the supermarket and petrol station that’s just a stone’s throw away from the building, as well as the great selection of pubs, cafes and restaurants that the town of Penarth has to offer.

Boats in Penarth Marina

Not only do you have everything you need nearby, but Tec Marina is extremely easy for your staff and visitors to get to. If you or your employees use public transport, Cogan railway station is a 5 to 10-minute walk from the building and is a short train ride away from Cardiff Central – Cardiff’s principal station. Prefer to drive? Tec Marina has great links to the motorway and we offer affordable on-site parking for residents, as well as secured bicycle storage for any keen cyclists! Have a large team or a lot of visitors to your office? There’s also a free public car park just a short walk away from the building.

It has all the facilities you need

Tec Marina residents have access to a wide range of on-site facilities and services, including a free 5-star gym with changing rooms and shower facilities, two spacious kitchen areas stocked with all the free tea and coffee you could ever want, and private meeting rooms that can be booked whenever you need. Additionally, our bright, open atrium is always available for lunch breaks and meetings, boasting plenty of seating areas and screens that you can connect your electronic devices to.

Kitchen in Tec Marina

All offices include superfast 1Gb fibre optic broadband and IT support from our trusted partners. Additionally, our friendly reception team is on-hand each day to greet your guests and make them feel welcome, collect and sort your business mail for you, and provide help with anything else you need – all you have to do is ask!

We focus on health and wellness

We know that keeping physically and mentally healthy is vital for keeping employees happy in the workplace, which was a huge motivator behind designing Tec Marina. It can be difficult to plan your fitness fix around your working day, so all residents have access to our free on-site gym at any time of the day, Monday to Friday – so you can work out before or after work, or even during your lunch break. Our gym is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for cardio and weight training, and we also offer showers and changing rooms on-site.

Tec Marina gym

We want everyone who visits Tec Marina to feel safe and that their health is being looked out for, which is why we have taken all necessary steps to comply with COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Welsh government. As well as ensuring that regular high-quality cleaning of the building is maintained (including our gym when it reopens), we have installed automatic hand sanitising stations at the entrance of the building, its kitchen areas and washrooms, put up screens between the seating in our atrium and implemented a one-way system throughout the building.

It’s home to a great community

Our reception team is always happy to help our residents and any visitors to the building with anything they need. However, one of the reasons that Tec Marina is such a great place to work is due to the friendly and supportive community made up of both staff and residents. Whether you’re grabbing your lunch from the kitchen or sitting down and having a 5-minute coffee break, there’s always someone to have a chat with!

The Tec Marina community is also extremely giving and charitable. In fact, we regularly host fundraising events that our residents are always more than happy to get involved with, whether it’s taking part in a raffle or making cakes, cookies and other tasty treats for a bake sale. Just some of the charities and causes we have supported over the years (and continue to support) include Comic Relief, Children in Need and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Close up of table filled with cakes

Can you see yourself at Tec Marina? We have a number of offices available for teams of various sizes – whether you need a private office or a shared co-working space. To book your virtual or physical viewing, please contact us by emailing contact@tecmarina.com or calling 02921 678391.

Our response to COVID-19: How we’re helping to keep Tec Marina’s residents safe

Like many other workplaces across the UK, Tec Marina has been quieter in recent months, with many of the faces we love seeing everyday temporarily working from home. During this time, the Tec Marina team has continued to provide support to our residents, and we have been working hard to make changes to the building to help our staff and residents feel safe when they do return to work.

Due to lockdown restrictions in Wales gradually being lifted, more businesses will soon be given the green light to reopen and for their employees to return to the workplace. When this happens, we want everyone at Tec Marina to feel confident that they’ll be able to adhere to the cleanliness and social distancing advice that has been issued for companies in the UK.

How has Tec Marina prepared to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

As Tec Marina is located just outside of Cardiff in South Wales, we are following the guidelines and requirements that have been issued by the Welsh Government. In Wales, it has currently been advised for businesses to take “reasonable measures” to ensure their employees are able to keep a 2-metre distance from others. In addition to this, UK businesses must regularly clean and sanitise frequently touched surfaces.

To prevent the spread of Coronvarius, guidance has also been issued for people to regularly wash and sanitise their hands. This means that businesses need to provide employees and any other visitors to their premises with the facilities to do so.

Close-up of person washing hands

Tec Marina has more open spaces and breakout areas than many other serviced offices, so there’s plenty of space for everyone to social distance. However, we have recently gone one step further by installing screens between the seating in our breakout areas and rearranging this seating to ensure that residents are able to keep a 2-metre distance.

Our premises will continue to be regularly cleaned and sanitised to a high standard by our excellent cleaning staff, and this is something that has always been important to us! We have also installed automatic hand sanitising stations throughout the building. These can be found at the entrance of Tec Marina, as well as outside our toilets and changing facilities.

As more employees return to their workplaces over the coming weeks, it has also been theorised that companies may be asked to stagger their working hours and any breaks they take throughout the day. This can make it easier for your employees to maintain a suitable distance at work, as well as help to reduce large volumes of people travelling on public transport during peak times. All residents of Tec Marina have 24/7 access to the building (including during weekends), so you can offer your staff the flexibility they need during this time.

Tec Marina has a range of flexible and serviced offices to rent in the scenic location of Penarth Marina, near Cardiff. Surrounded by green spaces and offering all the facilities you need with plenty of room for social distancing, Tec Marina can provide the perfect uplifting environment for your business’s return to work.

Find out more about our available office space or contact us by calling 02921 678391 or emailing contact@tecmarina.com to book your virtual or physical viewing!

Tec Marina Bootcamp – Week 1

On Monday, we started the week off right with our very first Tec Marina bootcamp session. Personal Trainer, Matt Bowring, took a group of 14 Tec Marina residents into our gym for a lunchtime fitness fix.

As this was the first session out of 8, we partnered up and went through some tough fitness tests, including timed cardio, press-ups and sit ups. We noted down our scores and will be using these as a starting point to track our progress over the next 8 weeks. Fitness tests out of the way, Coach Matt then made the decision to inflict some serious pain on the Tec Marina bootcampers with a group squatting session, and we certainly felt the burn.


But the pain will not be stopping there. Each bootcamper has been set some weekly homework. 2 x 20-min workouts are to be completed by everyone before next Monday. No excuses are valid when you have a gym in the same building as your office.

Session over, high fives all round, and time to hit the showers. Despite the wobbly legs, the afternoon saw a peak in motivation with lots of post workout endorphins floating around the place.

With a full house already booked for next Monday, we’re looking forward to seeing how far we can progress as a group over the next 8 weeks – Go team!

Health and well-being are high on the agenda at Tec Marina, and that’s why we want to offer sessions like these to our residents for no extra cost. Follow our progress over on our Twitter page.

The benefits of serviced office and co-working space at Tec Marina

Deciding where to house your business is a big decision and can often seem like a daunting step. On the surface, serviced offices can seem like an expensive option. However, in reality serviced office space, like Tec Marina, can prove very cost effective for small, fast growing businesses.

Here are 5 reasons serviced office space can benefit your business:

One single monthly bill.

At Tec Marina, we provide our serviced office and co-working residents with one single monthly bill. This bill includes business rates, heating costs, utilities, building maintenance, cleaning, unlimited hot drinks and use of our gym. We pride ourselves on having no nasty hidden fees. Having one, inclusive bill delivered to you every month makes managing your finances simple, and gives you a clear view of your monthly outgoings. It just makes life that little bit easier and that’s what we all want.

The professional image your company deserves.

Sure, running your business from home can mean less overheads. However, one of the main benefits of renting serviced office space is that it provides your company with a real, professional image. No more meeting clients in coffee shops or restaurants. At Tec Marina, our friendly team will welcome your guest and you can hold your meeting in one of our Atrium’s relaxed seating areas. Or, if you are really trying to impress, you may want to hire our one of our meeting rooms.

We do all the housework.

Running a business requires a lot of energy and undivided focus. You don’t want to be washing the dishes or thinking about changing a lightbulb. Your time needs to be spent achieving your goals, not cleaning up after your team. At Tec Marina, our friendly facilities crew keeps the building looking spick and span so you can focus on what’s important – taking your company to the next level.

Ready-made inspiring environment.

Lots of business owners dream of working from an environment that inspires and spurs creativity. However, transforming your regular office into a productive and positive space takes time and money. At Tec Marina, we have done the hard work for you. We’ve created a workspace that makes our residents love coming to work. We’ve added perks like an on-site gym and a games room to give our residents the best possible working day. Our Atrium is the perfect break out area with live walls and ambient background noises. Running your business from a space like Tec Marina, will improve employee happiness and attract top candidates when you recruit for the next role.

Meeting rooms and event facilities.

We have 8 different meeting and event rooms at Tec Marina. From our creative Snugs to our large Deck studio, these spaces can be used for big product launches or relaxed brainstorming sessions. Booking is simple and each room can be hired by the hour, half day or full day. No more phoning around uninspiring hotels to book a lifeless conference room. Impress your clients without the fuss of cross-city travel and invite them to your business’ innovative home.

With the above benefits taken in to consideration, serviced office space is a great, cost effective and flexible option for any small, growing business. Tec Marina makes renting commercial space as seamless as possible and leaves you to concentrate on what matters most – growing your business.

If you are ready to make the move into serviced office space that’s as creative and forward-thinking as you and your business, get in touch with our team today.




Greener Tec Marina

Being hot on innovation and creativity is one thing, but we are also doing all we can to do our bit for the environment and make Tec Marina a little bit greener than your usual workspaces.

It may not be the most beautiful from the outside, but we are proud to have taken over an old redundant building that may otherwise have fallen into disrepair. Breathing new life into an old building reduces waste and definitely has a more positive impact on the surrounding environment.

This building may have been here for a long time, but Tec Marina has been kitted out with modern, state of the art fixtures and fittings that make this place as eco-friendly as possible.

The building has been designed to make the most of natural light with large windows and skylights in the roof. Our windows and doors are aluminium double glazed with a low emissions inner pane. When natural light just isn’t enough, we have LED, motion sensor lights so you don’t have to worry about switching the lights off if you’re the last one to leave.

Air conditioning and effective heating is something that we wanted to offer our residents, however some models can consume a lot of energy. We invested in a state of the art Mitsubishi system with reduced CO2 emissions and a seasonal efficiency increase of 33%. Being in Wales, we are rarely blessed with tropical climates and so our air conditioning is completely optional for each room.

Being close to cycle paths, walking routes and a train station, there are plenty of ways residents can avoid bringing their car to work. Having premium shower facilities on site will mean keen cyclists, runners or ramblers can sweat it out on the way to work, then freshen up before knuckling down. You can check out local cycle routes here thanks to Sustrans.

We have future plans to invest further in our sustainable workspace. These plans include installing solar panels, a charging point for electric vehicles and Greener Tec Marina events such as, “Cycle to Work Day”.

We have incorporated numerous eco-friendly solutions to lessen our impact on the environment and to create a sustainable, healthier workspace for our residents. If you are interested in office, co-working or event/meeting space that can support your efforts to become a little bit greener, then get in touch with our Tec Marina team.

Get more out of your meeting – take it offsite

According to studies, employees spend 31 hours in unproductive meetings and most employees are attending up to 62 meetings a month. These wasted hours have a negative effect on the productivity and morale of an organisation. Taking the time to plan an offsite meeting can have significant benefits for businesses and employees and here are some reasons why:

Increases Productivity

When planning an offsite meeting, extra thought must go into the agenda, the attendees and the running time. With most meeting rooms being hired by the hour, meetings are forced to run on time and in an efficient manner. Being offsite, employees tend to be more focused as they are not distracted by daily tasks.

Encourages Creativity

Remaining in the same old surroundings makes it difficult to break free and become inspired. Being in a new location will break habits and put people in a creative mind-set. Employees are more likely to collaborate and spark ideas off one another.  This relaxed environment is an ideal place for companies to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas.

Provides Newer Technology

Your usual meeting room may be fine for quick catch up meetings, but why restrict yourselves? Offsite meeting rooms usually provide access to newer technology. Meeting rooms at Tec Marina come with touchscreens fitted with Mind Mapping software, perfect for large presentations and idea sharing.

Develops Teamwork

Offsite meetings give employees a chance to build relationships face-to-face rather than over email. Sharing travel to the meeting, sitting next to someone new and swapping ideas in a non-territorial environment can increase camaraderie and create a more cohesive organisation.

Boosts Morale

Who doesn’t enjoy a change of scenery? An offsite meeting feels exciting and indulgent and can make employees feel valued. This boost of morale and positive energy can often be a source of productivity and creativity throughout the meeting.

Tec Marina has various sized meeting, event and training rooms available to hire. Each room has its own touchscreen and comes with access to unlimited hot drinks. We have worked hard to create an inspiring environment that will help you get the most out of your meetings. So whether your a large organisation looking for a change of professional scenery, or a small business needing a bit more space, download our brochure or get in touch here contact@tecmarina.com for more information.

Office perks – Coffee in the workplace

Coffee is a big deal.

It is the most popular beverage in the world and is a key part of most people’s daily routines. Having access to good quality coffee in the workplace is an office perk that most employees would struggle to live without.

In the past, coffee breaks may have been seen as a poor use of an employee’s time. However, in more recent years it has been proven that there is a direct link between good coffee and the productivity of an organisation. Complimentary, bean-to-cup coffee is an affordable way for a company to recognise and reward its hardworking employees and for them to feel valued by the organisation.

Here are 2 big reasons why we have invested in top-quality coffee machines that are free for Tec Marina residents to use:

Increased productivity – Coffee breaks have a proven positive effect on productivity levels in the workplace. A break from the computer screen gives a worker the chance to recharge their battery, destress and avoid burnout. As a stimulant, coffee has the ability to improve mental alertness, energy levels and endurance, keeping employees focused for longer.

Let’s get social ­ – In Sweden, the word “Fika” is used to describe an informal coffee break. These breaks can happen any time of day as often as required, and are seen as important social events used to help keep up morale and boost group spirit. A coffee break with fellow colleagues, a manager or clients is the ideal setting for a bit of relaxed relationship building. Not only can you spark ideas off one another, but this caffeine-fuelled bonding session will help improve office culture and inter-employee relationships.

So bosses, if you are looking for an affordable way to keep staff happy and motivated, keep those coffee machines fully loaded. And I’m not talking about those coffee vending machines with the white plastic cups; quality is everything. Providing unlimited, quality coffee to staff is an easy way to show that an organisation cares about its employees’ well-being and happiness and contributes to creating the best kind of working environment.

Tec Marina has invested in 2 premium bean-to-cup coffee machines that will produce the highest standard of hot drinks for residents. If all-you-can-drink, top quality coffee is an office perk you and your team would appreciate then get in touch for more details about our brand new office space.

Work out in your lunch hour at Tec Marina

Reasons to Work Out on Your Lunch Break

According to a 6-year study, not only do happy, healthy employees perform better at work, they also cost the company less in the long run with fewer absences and a lower turnover of staff. Physical and mental well-being in the workplace was a huge motivator behind our new office space and we have included features that we feel will keep employees engaged and inspired.

“The wellness thing is here to stay, not only as a recruitment tool, but as a retainment tool” says architect Scott Spector, who has designed the offices of Uber and Quirky.

At Tec Marina, we have a state of the art gym and exercise studio in our brand new office space that will allow residents to get their fitness fix on their way in or out of the office, or even on their lunch break. With five star changing and shower rooms, Tec Marina residents are able to conveniently fit their workout sessions into their daily routines and reap the benefits of a lunchtime workout.

Reasons to Work Out On Your Lunch Break

Life after work – You’ve finished work at 6pm, it’s dark, you’re tired and you just want to go home. We’ve all been there. Nobody likes driving anywhere other than home after a long day in the office. Squeeze in a quick 30-minute gym session on your lunch break and have your entire evening free to do whatever you like – you’ve earned it!

Performance boost– Workouts during the day will leave you feeling more productive and increase your attention span. To get scientific, serotonin will put a smile on your face and dopamine will keep you focused for the rest of the day; both of these are released during a workout. With these chemicals pumping round your body, you’ll be whizzing through your to do list and your lifted mood will be contagious.

Reduces chance of illness – Getting up and moving, especially if you are an office worker, is vital for your well-being. Sitting for long periods of time has been shown to lower your life expectancy, increase your waist size and slow down your metabolism. A quick burst of intense exercise will reduce your chances of cardiovascular diseases – so escape the office and step away from the desk!

Reduces stress – It’s well documented that exercise can reduce stress levels. A run on the treadmill will give you plenty of thinking space to find solutions to any problems or simply clear your mind. Taking the time to work up a sweat midday is a great way to cope with those tricky spreadsheets and looming deadlines.

Saves you money – Working out on your lunch break means you won’t spend the hour perusing the online sales or buying overpriced lattes at the coffee shop around the corner. In fact, studies show that people are more likely to bring a nutritious homemade lunch option if they are planning a workout for that day.

Ensuring that your gym bag is packed the night before and smartly planning your workout are just some ways to ensure you are organised enough to squeeze in your lunchtime fitness fix – and on onsite gym would make it that extra bit easier!

Tec Marina’s gym facilities and exercise classes are offered to all residents for no extra cost. If this is the kind of work place perk you would enjoy, contact us for more information and arrange a no obligation tour.