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Cardiff’s first hi-tech, creative office space

OpenGenius invites you to TecMarina, Cardiff’s first hi-tech, creative office space.

As a company that proactively encourages productivity through creativity, TecMarina is a space created for its members to achieve entrepreneurial growth within an inspiring, energising environment.

Our 20,000 square foot building is located in Penarth Marina. With views across the water to the Millennium Stadium and just a 6-minute train journey from Cardiff’s city centre, TecMarina is ideal for daily commutes and lunchtime waterside walks.

Penarth Marina - Perfect for Lunchtime Strolls

Office Space on Penarth Marina – Perfect for Lunchtime Strolls

Hi-Tech, Creative Space

TecMarina’s office space is fully equipped with the latest innovative technology to assist your workflow. Of course we have incredibly fast internet, but we’re also one of the first offices in the UK fitted with some pretty nifty smartphone access systems, to let the right people in and out of your office – see ya lanyard!

TecMarina is a collaborative space and can assist you in capturing the ideas you are bouncing off each other. We have fitted touchscreens and our very own brainstorming software to allow you to do just that.

With 24-hour access to offices, residents are free to work when they want and how they want. TecMarina is a flexible space with meeting and event rooms, break-out soft seating zones and some extra hot desks for you freelancers. There is plenty of thinking space in our large, open plan atrium to help you stay inspired and it’s often here that some of our best ideas are hatched – right next to our vintage 1930’s speedboat.

Energising Environment

It has been proven that happy, healthy employees can boost productivity levels to new heights. Here at TecMarina we have invested heavily in this manifesto.

With a state of the art gym, evening exercise classes and 5 star shower facilities, TecMarina can keep your team energised throughout the week, and what’s more these vital endorphins come at no extra cost. For all those cyclists, TecMarina has onsite bike storage and is well connected to the rest of the city with some pretty impressive cycle routes.

For those employees more interested in joysticks than star jumps, we’ve got old school arcade games, a pool table and ping pong – say hello to competitive lunchbreaks! A quick mid-day game can clear the mind and encourage collaboration and creativity between employees.

It may not be all that healthy but we know what makes employees happy and fueled for the day – good coffee. TecMarina has premium, bean-to-cup coffee machines that are free for all residents to use and can be found in our brand new canteens. Yes, that’s right – free coffee, tea and hot chocolate for all!

TecMarina Community

All hands on deck! Residents of TecMarina will become members of our co-working community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Residents can support each other’s growth and success through networking opportunities, referrals and regular TecMarina community events. Residents can keep up to date with what’s on at TecMarina through a regular newsletter.

Through promoting a culture that improves employee mental well-being, TecMarina residents can expect increased effectiveness from their happy, healthy teams.

Overview of Resident Benefits

  • Creative, inspiring flexible work space
  • 1GB fibre optic pipe
  • Access to gym facilities
  • Gaming areas
  • Free, high quality hot drinks
  • Friendly reception desk to greet your visitors
  • Touchscreen brainstorming software
  • Mobile access system
  • Various sized bookable meeting and event rooms
  • All office furnishing
  • Onsite cleaning service
  • Air conditioning / heating
  • Mailing address
  • Secure parking at a monthly cost (free parking available)
  • 24/7 access and security
  • 5-minute walk from train station
  • Nearby supermarket, bars & restaurants

TecMarina is Cardiff’s first hi-tech, creative office space. We are working on creating an energising environment and promoting productivity through creativity. If this sounds like the kind of space you can picture yourself and your team in, contact us to arrange a tour and download a brochure here.

New mobile access control system for Tec Marina

No keys required – just your phone

If there’s one thing we love, it’s gadgets. So when we get offered a demo of something new, it’s hard to say no. Last week we met with Stuart Bailey of Dragon Fire & Security and Charlie Hicks from Controlsoft, to take a look at a new access control system that uses smartphones rather than the usual keycards (as used in the Netflix HQ).

We love it and are planning to get it installed at Tec Marina. It’s easier and more secure than keycards – and one less thing to carry.

British Consul General from San Francisco visits Tec Marina

British Consul General Priya Guha at Tec Marina

British Consul General, Priya Guha, visited us yesterday at Tec Marina for a tour, joined by Karen Dascombe and Paul Osbaldeston from the Welsh Government.

Based in San Francisco, Priya is responsible for the delivery of UK foreign policy and service delivery objectives in Northern California, Washington State, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Montana.

As someone whose stomping ground includes Silicon Valley and the Bay area, it was great to show her our vision of a smart workspace for tech start ups.

We’ll be keeping her posted on the developments at Tec Marina and all the companies within…

1Gbps super fast broadband now at Tec Marina

When it comes to offices, one of the most common complaints we have always shared with other tech companies is the frustration of sluggish broadband speeds. Fast internet was one of our top priorities when the Tec Marina project began and now we are well and truly hooked up!

Thanks to Spectrum Internet, Tec Marina now has a Fibre-to-the-Premise connection with the flexibility to increase up to 1Gbps  – more than 100 times faster than the national average for broadband speed! To put this into perspective – this means that a high-definition film could download in just 7 seconds.

This is the first of many tech perks that will help to create a state of the art, productive (and pretty cool) environment for the companies working here. Stay tuned for more news on the development…


Tec Marina project opened by Chairman of Microsoft Europe

Chris Griffiths and Jan Muhlfeit

Jan Mühlfeit, recently retired Chairman of Microsoft Europe, visited us at Tec Marina this week to meet the teams and officially open the development project.

Jan has been working with technology companies from all around the world to inspire and coach them, and found inspiration himself when touring the building and looking through the plans…

“Today is a historical day for technology, because technology can unlock the potential in every single human being around the world. Tec Marina is a space for crazy people because only crazy people are changing the world. I wish Tec Marina every success, happiness and craziness.”

Jan was joined by Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town councillors, Lis Burnett and Gwyn Roberts, for the opening of the development project, alongside owner of Tec Marina, Chris Griffiths.