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Work out in your lunch hour at Tec Marina

TecMarina | Work out in your lunch hour at Tec Marina

Reasons to Work Out on Your Lunch Break

According to a 6-year study, not only do happy, healthy employees perform better at work, they also cost the company less in the long run with fewer absences and a lower turnover of staff. Physical and mental well-being in the workplace was a huge motivator behind our new office space and we have included features that we feel will keep employees engaged and inspired.

“The wellness thing is here to stay, not only as a recruitment tool, but as a retainment tool” says architect Scott Spector, who has designed the offices of Uber and Quirky.

At Tec Marina, we have a state of the art gym and exercise studio in our brand new office space that will allow residents to get their fitness fix on their way in or out of the office, or even on their lunch break. With five star changing and shower rooms, Tec Marina residents are able to conveniently fit their workout sessions into their daily routines and reap the benefits of a lunchtime workout.

Reasons to Work Out On Your Lunch Break

Life after work – You’ve finished work at 6pm, it’s dark, you’re tired and you just want to go home. We’ve all been there. Nobody likes driving anywhere other than home after a long day in the office. Squeeze in a quick 30-minute gym session on your lunch break and have your entire evening free to do whatever you like – you’ve earned it!

Performance boost– Workouts during the day will leave you feeling more productive and increase your attention span. To get scientific, serotonin will put a smile on your face and dopamine will keep you focused for the rest of the day; both of these are released during a workout. With these chemicals pumping round your body, you’ll be whizzing through your to do list and your lifted mood will be contagious.

Reduces chance of illness – Getting up and moving, especially if you are an office worker, is vital for your well-being. Sitting for long periods of time has been shown to lower your life expectancy, increase your waist size and slow down your metabolism. A quick burst of intense exercise will reduce your chances of cardiovascular diseases – so escape the office and step away from the desk!

Reduces stress – It’s well documented that exercise can reduce stress levels. A run on the treadmill will give you plenty of thinking space to find solutions to any problems or simply clear your mind. Taking the time to work up a sweat midday is a great way to cope with those tricky spreadsheets and looming deadlines.

Saves you money – Working out on your lunch break means you won’t spend the hour perusing the online sales or buying overpriced lattes at the coffee shop around the corner. In fact, studies show that people are more likely to bring a nutritious homemade lunch option if they are planning a workout for that day.

Ensuring that your gym bag is packed the night before and smartly planning your workout are just some ways to ensure you are organised enough to squeeze in your lunchtime fitness fix – and on onsite gym would make it that extra bit easier!

Tec Marina’s gym facilities and exercise classes are offered to all residents for no extra cost. If this is the kind of work place perk you would enjoy, contact us for more information and arrange a no obligation tour.