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Our response to COVID-19: How we’re helping to keep Tec Marina’s residents safe

TecMarina | Our response to COVID-19: How we’re helping to keep Tec Marina’s residents safe

Like many other workplaces across the UK, Tec Marina has been quieter in recent months, with many of the faces we love seeing everyday temporarily working from home. During this time, the Tec Marina team has continued to provide support to our residents, and we have been working hard to make changes to the building to help our staff and residents feel safe when they do return to work.

Due to lockdown restrictions in Wales gradually being lifted, more businesses will soon be given the green light to reopen and for their employees to return to the workplace. When this happens, we want everyone at Tec Marina to feel confident that they’ll be able to adhere to the cleanliness and social distancing advice that has been issued for companies in the UK.

How has Tec Marina prepared to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

As Tec Marina is located just outside of Cardiff in South Wales, we are following the guidelines and requirements that have been issued by the Welsh Government. In Wales, it has currently been advised for businesses to take “reasonable measures” to ensure their employees are able to keep a 2-metre distance from others. In addition to this, UK businesses must regularly clean and sanitise frequently touched surfaces.

To prevent the spread of Coronvarius, guidance has also been issued for people to regularly wash and sanitise their hands. This means that businesses need to provide employees and any other visitors to their premises with the facilities to do so.

Close-up of person washing hands

Tec Marina has more open spaces and breakout areas than many other serviced offices, so there’s plenty of space for everyone to social distance. However, we have recently gone one step further by installing screens between the seating in our breakout areas and rearranging this seating to ensure that residents are able to keep a 2-metre distance.

Our premises will continue to be regularly cleaned and sanitised to a high standard by our excellent cleaning staff, and this is something that has always been important to us! We have also installed automatic hand sanitising stations throughout the building. These can be found at the entrance of Tec Marina, as well as outside our toilets and changing facilities.

As more employees return to their workplaces over the coming weeks, it has also been theorised that companies may be asked to stagger their working hours and any breaks they take throughout the day. This can make it easier for your employees to maintain a suitable distance at work, as well as help to reduce large volumes of people travelling on public transport during peak times. All residents of Tec Marina have 24/7 access to the building (including during weekends), so you can offer your staff the flexibility they need during this time.

Tec Marina has a range of flexible and serviced offices to rent in the scenic location of Penarth Marina, near Cardiff. Surrounded by green spaces and offering all the facilities you need with plenty of room for social distancing, Tec Marina can provide the perfect uplifting environment for your business’s return to work.

Find out more about our available office space or contact us by calling 02921 678391 or emailing contact@tecmarina.com to book your virtual or physical viewing!