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1Gbps super fast broadband now at Tec Marina

When it comes to offices, one of the most common complaints we have always shared with other tech companies is the frustration of sluggish broadband speeds. Fast internet was one of our top priorities when the Tec Marina project began and now we are well and truly hooked up!

Thanks to Spectrum Internet, Tec Marina now has a Fibre-to-the-Premise connection with the flexibility to increase up to 1Gbps  Рmore than 100 times faster than the national average for broadband speed! To put this into perspective Рthis means that a high-definition film could download in just 7 seconds.

This is the first of many tech¬†perks that will help to create a state of the art, productive (and pretty cool) environment for the companies working here. Stay tuned for more news on the development…