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Why do you need flexible office space?

TecMarina | Why do you need flexible office space?

The future of work is flexible. Although COVID-19 has caused it to become the norm for employees to spend the majority of their time working from home, remote and flexible working was on the rise long before the outbreak hit the world early last year. In fact, according to the Labour Force Survey, the number of employees in the UK who benefit from flexible working arrangements rose from 23% to 27% between 2005 and 2017. As a result, the demand for flexible office space has also grown this year.

Research from Totaljobs in 2018 also found that 59% of employees believe that flexible working is the most important benefit to look for when searching for a new job – and this is something that is likely to have increased this year. However, if you are a small business that wants to offer more flexibility to your staff, you need flexible office space.

What is flexible office space?

Unlike traditional office spaces, renting a flexible office will give you the room to (as the name suggests!) be flexible as your company changes – something that is particularly useful in the current climate. You can easily expand your office as your company grows, which means that you can start off with a smaller office while the majority of your staff are working remotely, and expand your space if your workforce grows or more of your employees return to working in the office more frequently.

With a flexible office, you also benefit from being able to get set up quickly. Flexible offices are typically already furnished and you will have access to facilities such as shared meeting rooms and kitchens. They’re also fully serviced, which means your office will be regularly cleaned for you as part of your contract, and tasks such as greeting your guests and your handling mail will be carried out by an on-site reception team. This means that you can get up and running as soon as you move into the building.

In Tec Marina, the home of our serviced offices in Cardiff, South Wales, we have a friendly team that is always happy to help with anything you need – and they work extremely hard to ensure that the building is regularly cleaned and sanitised to a high standard. All of our residents have access to a range of great facilities, such as rentable meeting rooms, a bright and spacious atrium, well-stocked kitchen areas and a free onsite gym. They are also set up with superfast 1G fibre-optic broadband with access to reliable tech support delivered by our partners.

People having a meeting in Tec Marina

Another benefit to look out for when choosing flexible office space for your business is whether the building has fixed opening hours or can be accessed 24/7 by its residents (like Tec Marina). Not all roles can be done from home, so this can make all the difference for your staff who may work at different times and on particular days, or may want to stagger their hours to avoid using transport at peak times – the choice is yours!

The benefits of flexible working

So, what are the benefits of flexible working and why is it now one of the most sought after employee perks alongside the ability to work from home? The answer is simple; it promotes a better work-life balance. Cut out the rush hour commute and you have far more free time to spend with your family and doing the things you love. Additionally, by being able to choose when you’re on the clock, you can plan your working hours around the other commitments in your life – such as caring for a relative, doing the morning school run, or getting in a quick gym session.

As a business, implementing flexible working practices can increase the quantity and quality of work being produced as employees can choose to work when they’re at their most productive. The standard working hours of 9 to 5 may be what we all know, but it doesn’t necessarily suit every worker. After all, some people wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:00 AM, ready to get started on their to-do list, while others get their best ideas in the afternoon.

However, in a time when there are still concerns about the spread of COVID-19, allowing your staff to work from home a few times a week and be in the office at different times of the day can also help to ensure that everyone in your organisation is complying with vital social distancing guidelines. This is something that every business has a duty to uphold to keep their employees feeling safe and supported during this strange and uncertain time.

Looking for a flexible office in Cardiff? Tec Marina has various sized office spaces to suit teams of all sizes. Our offices are fully serviced, furnished and equipped with super fast broadband as standard – and our residents also benefit from free nearby parking, the use of our onsite gym and as much free tea and coffee as you could ever need!

To find out more about our available office space, please call us on 02921 678391 or email the team at contact@tecmarina.com.