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“Being a small business, you can find yourself in a box with the same people doing the same things. Which to a certain extent is what we do. But at least here you know there’s other stuff going on. It makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger and not so confined.”

Bleddyn EdwardCheeky Monkey Creative

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from visitors, who always say it’s a place they would love to work.”

Mike NormansellWealthify

“If you are a professional who takes your business seriously and wants to increase your brand’s image, Tec Marina is a really good opportunity.”

Gareth MangerBlam Websites and Apps

“Because we do PR, we usually go to clients’ offices, but our clients want to come to us. Everyone that comes wants to come again.”

Bethan ReesFront Door Communications

“When I came over here, I took one look and asked for a contract that day. It was immediate – probably the fastest sale [they’ve] ever made.”

Dennis SheehanH&C News

“We enjoy having the mix with different businesses. It opens another door for us. You don’t feel quite so isolated just having the three of you.”

Bethany WrightRefresh Now

“Since we have moved here, we have picked up two collaborations. We’ve recently struck up a contractual relationship with another company in here and have developed a new service for clients. That’s been really positive. I would definitely recommend [Tec Marina]. It’s light, it’s bright, it feels good.”

Kevin DaviesMarchmont

“It’s very community-based, even though we’re individual companies. There are different specialisms which create an interesting blend, and it works. Tec Marina enables you to reach your target audience quickly without compromise.”

Chris BensonCrystal IT